Joanne Shattock - University of Leicester. Keynote Speaker.

 Dr. Joanne Shattock is the Emeritus Professor of Victorian Literature and Director of the
Victorian Studies at the University of Leicester. She was the Founding President of the
British Association for Victorian Studies.  Prof. Shattock has more than twelve books and
editions to her name. She has researched extensively on book history, 19th century periodical
press and women writers, specifically upon Margaret Oliphant and Elizabeth Gaskell.
She is the General Editor of the works of Elizabeth Gaskell and co-General Editor with Elisabeth
Jay of the 25 volumes edition of Selected Works of Margaret Oliphant published by
Routledge and supported by a grant from the British Academy and a Leverhulme Emeritus
Fellowship. She is the Editor of the Nineteenth Century Series for Routledge and the
immediate past President of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals.

Prof. Shattock has researched and published extensively on 19th century women's life and
writings. Her analyses of the women writers' biographical information are undoubtedly
thoughtful. Her writings on how the expansion of the printing press and the market place
opened a new horizon for the female authors in the mid-19th century Britain is of utmost
importance to any academic enthusiast who is passionate about the Victorian Age. Her
research interests also include the tradition of literary reviewing in the aforesaid period. How
the (male) reviewers appreciated the literary productions of the women writers has
constituted a major part of her academic production. She has also worked on the
autobiographies written by the women writers of this period.. She has authored books like
The Oxford Guide to British Women Writers (1993), Politics and Reviewers (1989), Dickens
and Other Victorians (1998) and The Victorian Periodical Press (with M. Wolff; 1982). Her
latest book, Journalism and the Periodical Press, was published by the Cambridge University
Press in March, 2017. 

 Her scholarly articles have been published by the Oxford University Press, The Cambridge
University Press, The Victorian Periodicals and The Gaskell Journal only to name a few. She
is a PhD from the University of London. She has been conferred with the degree of
honourable D.Litt by the University of New Brunswick, Canada.   


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